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Managing doctors’ offices and clinics has never been so easy!


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A doctor’s office solution that integrates everything in a simple way

With our solution you will be able to follow up your income, consultations, patients, doctors, laboratory exams, billing status, patient charges and office maintenance, among other elements associated with the administrative and functional operation of a doctor’s office.

Keep track of all the facts related with the patient in a single place.


Appointment center

Consult doctors’ availability and arrange appointments to patients. Our system has daily, weekly and monthly calendar views that can be filtered by doctor and by absolutely any information recorded. 

It includes functionalities for canceling appointments, reprogramming and reminder via email in a way that both, patient and doctor, will always have the same agenda.

Through our agenda you can manage attention hours, amount of consultations and amount of regular and extra appointments of any doctor, as a basis to then schedule appointments.

Reports and control panels

Parallel to its modules, a set of reports guarantee a support for the decision-making process through the revelation of the main analyzable information that is recorded.

Get in some clicks the information you need to support your making-decision processes. You will be surprised of how easy is to get the data exactly as you want it, as you can choose the information items to organize or filter.


Medical Attentions

Manage all the aspects related to your medical consultations. 

Our systems compile in an easy going way the patient’s data such as symptoms, signs, physical examination, mental state, etc., allowing physicians to determine diagnoses and advise procedures, treatments, laboratory orders, imaging studies, that will contribute to the recovery of the patient.

With simplicity you will generate disability certifications, recipes, good health certificates and many documents more.

Give your patient an effective tracking!

Warehouse and Inventories

Manage properly all the medical supplies that are used in your doctor’s office. Our solution connect the purchase and sale processes of the office to the logistics, production and administration of the warehouse, allowing the visibility and management of all the supply chain. It also offers the possibility of setting up multiple warehouses and determine a minimum security stock with the aim of automatize the orders to suppliers. You can also establish stock breakup alerts in case that this could happen. 


Management, billing, Accounting… and collection to insurance companies

Manage in detail the record of your sales according to the medical attentions and services offered by each one of the doctors. Manage the payments that each of them should receive according to a total or partial amount that can be related to a scheme of commissions or fixed percentage in accordance to their services.

In the case of insurance companies, manage from the very moment of billing them to the collection process, permitting an effective monitoring of your accounts receivable until the process is finished.

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